Difference between Traditional Sinus Surgery Vs Balloon Sinuplasty

Some people have chronic problems with sinus infections, obstruction or nasal disorders like nasal blockage or nasal polyps.  When the sinuses or nasal mucosal lining is infected, it causes the bone to be diseased, growth polyp or cyst on the wall or mucosal lining.  If these problems do not resolve with conservative measures like nasal blowing, warm compresses, drinking warm liquids or by taking decongestants or antibiotics, then the doctor recommends sinus surgery.   The sinus surgery is performed to repair the obstruction of the sinuses and nasal passages to widen their openings and allow the drainage of the fluid collected.  The surgeon’s aim is to remove the diseased bone or polyps or cysts that may be present.


The Texas ENT specialists also try to minimize the chances of scarring and to heal the infected structures.  With surgery, the structures almost gain their original and natural form and reduce the chance of getting infected again.  There are various types of sinus surgeries in modern medical science.  One group of procedures is the traditional sinus surgeries and the other procedure is balloon sinuplasty.


In traditional surgery, the Texas ENT specialists makes an opening into the sinus either within the mouth or from outside.  The approach depends on the location of the infected sinus.  The surgeon will decide on this before he starts the surgery.  Once entered in the passage the doctor removes the tissue that is blocking the sinus.

The patient may need to be admitted overnight or for one-two days in the clinic.  In these traditional surgeries, a lot of post-procedure care is required.  These include the nose be packed with a gauze to absorb blood and other drainage and the packing needs to be redressed daily for a few days.  Patients may have to use saline lavage or irrigation (saltwater nasal washes) post procedure for a few days in order to keep the sinuses moist.  The patient also needs to be careful in avoiding activities like blowing the nose, strenuous exercise as per the doctor’s instructions.


Balloon sinuplasty is an advanced procedure using minimally invasive techniques.  In this surgical procedure, the surgeon introduces an endoscope into the nose without touching the surrounding bone or tissue.  They use a small balloon which is gently inflated to widen blocked passages which allow the drainage of inflammed material.  With balloon procedure the patient is at lesser risk of bleeding or other complication and the recovery time is faster than traditional procedure.


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