Difference between Traditional Sinus Surgery Vs Balloon Sinuplasty

Some people have chronic problems with sinus infections, obstruction or nasal disorders like nasal blockage or nasal polyps.  When the sinuses or nasal mucosal lining is infected, it causes the bone to be diseased, growth polyp or cyst on the wall or mucosal lining.  If these problems do not resolve with conservative measures like nasal blowing, warm compresses, drinking warm liquids or by taking decongestants or antibiotics, then the doctor recommends sinus surgery.   The sinus surgery is performed to repair the obstruction of the sinuses and nasal passages to widen their openings and allow the drainage of the fluid collected.  The surgeon’s aim is to remove the diseased bone or polyps or cysts that may be present.


The Texas ENT specialists also try to minimize the chances of scarring and to heal the infected structures.  With surgery, the structures almost gain their original and natural form and reduce the chance of getting infected again.  There are various types of sinus surgeries in modern medical science.  One group of procedures is the traditional sinus surgeries and the other procedure is balloon sinuplasty.


In traditional surgery, the Texas ENT specialists makes an opening into the sinus either within the mouth or from outside.  The approach depends on the location of the infected sinus.  The surgeon will decide on this before he starts the surgery.  Once entered in the passage the doctor removes the tissue that is blocking the sinus.

The patient may need to be admitted overnight or for one-two days in the clinic.  In these traditional surgeries, a lot of post-procedure care is required.  These include the nose be packed with a gauze to absorb blood and other drainage and the packing needs to be redressed daily for a few days.  Patients may have to use saline lavage or irrigation (saltwater nasal washes) post procedure for a few days in order to keep the sinuses moist.  The patient also needs to be careful in avoiding activities like blowing the nose, strenuous exercise as per the doctor’s instructions.


Balloon sinuplasty is an advanced procedure using minimally invasive techniques.  In this surgical procedure, the surgeon introduces an endoscope into the nose without touching the surrounding bone or tissue.  They use a small balloon which is gently inflated to widen blocked passages which allow the drainage of inflammed material.  With balloon procedure the patient is at lesser risk of bleeding or other complication and the recovery time is faster than traditional procedure.


Situation when ENT Specialist Suggests Adenoid Surgery

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Adenoid SurgeryAdenoids are the tissues that are present behind the nasal cavity and these are very soft tissues. These Adenoids are part of the immune system and these Adenoids are made of lymphoid tissues. There are WBC that gets circulated through the Adenoids and other parts and invades viruses and infections that are there invading the human body. Adenoids were seen at the time of birth and it remains till one attains adolescence. Generally, when a person is adult his Adenoids disappear, but there are also many people who have these tissues even after attaining adolescence age. Texas ENT consultants and ear doctor Plano, TX are popular in these treatments and surgeries. There are several conditions that are caused due to infections in the Adenoid glands. Some of the common conditions are as follows –

  • Adenoiditis
  • Enlarged adenoids
  • Ear infections
  • Obstructive sleep apnea etc

Adenoiditis is one of the ENT conditions that are caused due to viral or bacterial infections. Whereas in the case of enlarged adenoids, the Adenoid becomes larger in size and that causes blockage of the nasal passage. Obstructive sleep apnea is one such condition which is caused during sleep and the person is unable to breathe because of the blocked nasal passage. Ear infections are very common conditions that are caused due to infection of Adenoid glands. Adenoid surgery is advised for the patients who are suffering from the above disorder and the condition is worsening even after taking antibiotics. These problems if not treated sometimes can be very dangerous and that is when the specialists advise patients to go for surgery. There are several types of surgeries that are available, but the most common is the adenoid removal surgery where the adenoid glands are removed from the nasal cavity.

Adenoid conditions are placed in the ENT section of the medical branch and there are many other conditions that are caused due to adenoid infections and there are many people who are suffering for these conditions everywhere. These conditions are very common and that is why there are so many ENT clinics in the world, but it is very much important to look for the best ENT clinics so that you can get the best services and treatments for your conditions. There are Texas ENT consultants and ear doctor Plano, TX that is very famous among the people and there are many people who use these services provided by the clinics. These clinics are also very successful and the demands are increasing every year as the number of people suffering from such conditions is also increasing.

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Everything Symptom & Solution for Hearing Problem and Loss

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186501590ENT is one branch of the medical science that deals with ear, nose and throat problems. There are numerous problems that are categorized in this branch of medicine. Ear problems such as hearing loss, wax etc are very common in the population. There are many problems related to nose such sinusitis, nasal bleeding, nasal congestion etc. While in the category of throat problems there are many diseases such as throat infections, vocal cord infection etc. There are many people all over the globe that are suffering from these diseases and there are many ET clinics that are providing an adequate cure for these people all over the world.

Hearing problems –

Deafness is one of the hearing issues that people suffer form and it is a very common hearing problem. There are many symptoms of hearing problems and some of those symptoms are as follows –

  • A Particular sound is heard more loudly while some other sounds are not heard
  • Unable to follow conversations of people
  • In an area filled with noise, unable to hear
  • Slurred voices heard
  • Dizziness
  • Buzzing sound in the ear etc

There are various causes of hearing loss and some of those causes are as follows –

  • Wax in the ear
  • Damage in the ear bones
  • Damage to the ear drum
  • Substances getting inside the ear
  • Infections in the ear
  • Age related
  • Certain medications etc

These are some of the causes of hearing loss. There are several types of test that the specialist can advise such as –

  • Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • CT or MRI scans

There are also several types of surgeries that can be performed such as –

  • Repair of the ear drum
  • Tubes in the ear drum
  • Repair of the ear bone
  • Devices implanted in the ear
  • Hearing aids etc

There are many clinics that provide quality care and treatment for hearing loss all over the world. There is soundbite McKinney and Texas ENT specialist that is a very popular among the people. Texas ear nose and throat and Ear Doctor Plano TX are known for their success rates in the surgeries and the treatment that they provide to the people. These services are very widespread and there are thousands of people that look for such services every day all over the world and to provide the best in the business these clinics and specialist of Texas are doing their best. These services are very important, services and that is why they are so popular all over the world.

Ear, Nose & Throat Issues & Down syndrome

ent-problemsENT is a branch of medical science that relates to the diseases, treatment and cure of ear, nose and throat. There are many people all over the world who are suffering from different types of ENT problems and there are many ENT clinics that are providing care and treatment of ENT issues. There are Texas ENT consultants that are very popular and there are many people all over Texas that utilize the services provided by Texas ENT and Allergy clinics. ENT is also known as Otolaryngology. There are many diseases and disorders that are in this category so let’s find out some of the diseases and disorders that come under the ENT section of the medical science.

Following are some of the ENT issues –

  • Rhinitis
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Ear wax
  • Hearing Loss
  • Hoarseness of throat
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sinus Problems
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Tonsils
  • Adenoid Problems
  • Snoring
  • Sore Throats
  • Hearing Aids etc

There are many other diseases and problems related to ENT. Now let’s discuss some of the common problems of ENT one by one –

Head and Neck Cancer –

This is one of the most common cancers in America and each year there are many Americans that suffer from this cancer. A person suffering from this cancer finds difficulty in taste, chewing, swallowing, sight etc. These are some of the symptoms of the disease. There are varieties of treatment available for this disease. Some of them are as follows –

  • Brachytherapy
  • Gamma Knife
  • Hyperthermia etc

Sinusitis –

It is one of the most common nasal issues all over the world. There are many people who are suffering from this disease and in this condition there is a nasal blockage due to swelling of the nasal lining of the nose and there are varieties of causes for that such as infections, smoking etc. There are several symptoms of these problems and some of them are as follows-

  • Head ache
  • Nasal bleeding
  • Post Nasal drips
  • Breathing problems etc

There are many types of surgeries and treatment available for sinusitis. There are nasal drops and sprays that are very effective and if the condition persists a surgery can solve the issue. If any symptoms are observed then it is very much advisable to see a specialist who can advise medication and treatment.


This is one condition where there is a skin growth in the ear drum. There are several symptoms of this condition and some of those are as follows –

  • Foul odor
  • Hearing loss
  • Dizziness
  • Ear pain etc

There are treatments such as antibiotics; therapy etc that can be very helpful for patients suffering from this kind of condition. Here are many Texas ENT specialists that are very popular and the ear doctors Plano TX are known for their treatments and innovative therapies.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder and it is also known as trisomy 21. There is 21 chromosomes in the set. Following are some of the signs and symptoms –

  • Mental retardation
  • Abnormal growth or stagnant growth
  • Smaller genitalia
  • Shortened extremities
  • Hypotonia
  • Flexible ligaments etc

There are many thyroid issues with the people suffering from Dwon syndrome. There is no cure for this disorder, but there are some researches in genetic engineering where the condition will be curable in the future. There is also therapy that can be very much helpful for the people suffering from Down syndrome.

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Modified Lothrop Procedure for Sinus Surgery

Sinus problems are usually mostly cured by drug therapy and procedures such as flushing for treating sinusitis, but in case of ineffectiveness of the drug, recurrent infections or other complications such as structural abnormalities or fungal sinusitis, surgery to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses is preferred.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a minimally invasive, precise surgery using telescopes, micro-debrider and radio frequency treatment for acute and chronic sinus infections / headaches (children and adults), scarless blocked tear duct surgery, closure of brain fluid leakage, resection of sino-nasal tumors and nose bleeding. Until recently, the osteoplastic flap has been the standard surgical procedure but the Endoscopic Modified Lothrop Procedure (EMLP) is fast becoming a standard method for treating complications. Some of the benefits of EMLP over the osteoplastic flap procedure are decreased morbidity, improved cosmesis, and the ability to endoscopically evaluate patients postoperatively for recurrent disease. Other advantages include shorter hospitalization (usually the same day), less pain and reduced frontal and orbital oedema.

sinus_2In recent years there has been a strong trend in surgery toward preservation of the mucoperiosteum of the sinuses and maintenance of a patent nasofrontal connection, in recognition of the fact that regenerating mucosa has a markedly diminished ciliary density that may never fully recover to its pre-operative level. In this respect, the endoscopic modified Lothrop procedure is a short-term management option for unmanageable and complicated front sinusitis caused by a wide range of diseases. It is a safe, successful and effective surgical alternative to osteoplastic flap and creates the largest anatomical opening possible to drain the frontal sinuses into the nasal cavity. As an endoscopic procedure, ELMP is less invasive and has lower blood loss compared to other procedures. It leaves no external scars and post operative surveillance is possible with CT and endoscopy scans.

EMLP is a frontal sinus drill-out that was developed in the mid 1990s and necessitates the removal of the inter frontal septum, the superior part of the nasal septum and the frontal sinus floor in a lateral direction. Pre-operative procedures include decongesting the nasal cavities with topical oxymetazoline and injection of the septum and the lateral nasal wall with 10ml of 1% lidocaine and 1:100,000 epinephrine solution. The surgery generally involves three procedures. A superior septa perforation is first created and 1cm of the anterior is removed from the middle turbinates. Next, one or both frontal recesses are identified and a bur is used to remove the frontal floor from the posterior to the anterior. Finally the surgeon moves across the midline and removes the bone to create the largest possible oval opening to both frontal sinuses.

The modified Lothrop procedure is very successful for chronic frontal sinus obstruction and now used for resection of osteomas and benign tumors such as inverted papillomas and their biggest advantage is their ability to directly inspect the sinus post-operatively for the tumor’s recurrence.

The Sinus Dallas Center, Texas ENT specialists and the McKinney ENT clinic in Texas possesses the state-of-the-art sinus treatments, including minimally invasive procedures such as the EMLP and is dedicated to provide specialized and personalized patient care.

As a whole, the modified Lothrop procedure has radically changed the management of frontal sinus syndrome.

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The Importance of An Ear Nose Throat Specialist

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Senior Medical - Otoscope CloseupIdentifying a Sinus Problem as early as possible is necessary to realize an effective cure. Instead of experiencing any major health defects in life, it is necessary to seek a perfection solution as per the requirement. Allergens play a crucial role in causing sinusitis due to which people are known to experience breathing difficulties to a maximum extent. By seeking optimum relief after going through the steps in detail, the implementation of standard features from one of the experienced ENT specialists (texas ent specialists) will prove to be highly beneficial. Approaching an experienced health specialists capable of taking care of your ears, nose and throat is very much essential.

ENT Consultant is known to offer valuable advices in the case of sinus because of which realizing valuable benefits is possible as per the need. It is possible to obtain maximum suggestions in order to take care from dust and flu in an extensive manner. There have been several instances during which complex health problems too have been resolved with minimum efforts put in a successful manner. Handling difficult situations in life is ideally possible when all organs function in an ideal manner. The roles played by sensitive organs such as ears, nose and throat are known to be highly beneficial for sure.

Advanced medical solutions are offered in the case of Sinus Problem so that an effective cure is obtained. Taking preventive steps is necessary because of the fact that once the allergic substances enter one’s body, then it is almost impossible to get them out. Instead of suffering from allergic reactions because of no awareness, it is better to seek proper guidance from a consultant specializing in ENT in an effective manner. Perhaps, this will prove to be highly effective for you in seeking more benefits as per the requirement. Handling a complication issue such as sinusitis is possible easily with latest information received on time.

By consulting one of the ENT specialists on time, it is possible to realize a successful treatment as per the situation. Advanced medical technological standards are now in place because of which maintaining perfect health condition is possible by overcoming the most difficult situations as well. Moreover, there are several instances during which the role of an ENT Consultant will prove to be highly beneficial in ensuring that the perfect healthcare is offered as per the requirement. After undergoing various tests in detail along with diverse mapping procedures, it can be easily determined whether an effective solution could be obtained or not.

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Types Of Surgery Do ENT Surgeons Perform

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ent-chart1Knowing about the kind of diverse surgeries that ENT specialists could perform will be helpful in obtaining an effective for your health problems. Several operations of advanced mode are performed upon ear in order to improve the hearing quality perfectly. Grommet is one of the common surgeries performed so that the aural experienced could be felt greatly. Mastoidectomy is another major performed upon the ears so that their functioning is maintained in an unaffected manner. Myringoplasty performed by any experienced ENT surgeon will be helpful in ensuring perfect health standards in sync with the advanced healthcare offered.

ENT Consultant is capable of performing nose operations too in a successful manner. Endoscopic sinus surgery is another major surgery performed so that the common nasal problems are resolved in an effective manner. Septoplasty too is conducted successfully by the ENT surgeon (ear doctor plano tx) who specializes in offering best cure in the case of nose. There are surgeons who are capable of performing any operation such as inferior turbinectomy so that the best healthcare solutions are obtained in an eventual manner. Seeking efficient care in order to maintain perfect health condition is something that is needed the most on an overall.

Tonsils are commonly affected by those who have been found with such symptoms. Consulting one of the ENT specialists will be helpful in maintaining perfect throat condition without experiencing any major problems in the long run. Tonsillectomy is a major operation performed in this regard because of which maximum healthcare could be realized on an overall. Taking more care on time will be helpful in seeking the best health results as per the existing situations. With the timely consideration of several prospects related to surgery involving throat, it is possible to maintain best healthcare features in an eventual manner.

Approaching an experienced ENT Consultant (texas ent consultants) will be helpful in performing other major operations in a successful manner. For instance, complex neck operations too are performed in an effective way because of which best healthcare standards are maintained with perfection. Thyroidectomy is performed with the consideration of the current neck status of the sufferers in a comprehensive manner. Remember that the levels of pain experienced and the medical conditions existing at the time of diagnosis vary from one person to another. Hence, seeking perfect healthcare standards is something that is needed the most on an overall. Perfect healthcare maintenance by considering advanced operations involving ears, nose and throat is best possible this way.